Thursday, 16 February 2017

Who Should Chris Eubank Jr Fight Next? Murray or Degale?

So we asked our fantastic followers on twitter who Eubank Jr should fight next? We got some funny responses with most saying he should fight Eubank Sr. Quite a good laugh as our followers always are. However on a serious note he has several options.

Here are some key facts:

·      Eubank Jr isn’t a big puncher at SMW & even though his team are known to be hard to negotiate with, he brings a well known name. So a win over Eubank Jr brings a good pay day and some fantastic publicity for his opponents.
·      Eubank Jr now holds the IBO SMW title, which isn’t one of the major 4 recognized world titles. However this can still be used to market other bouts as a unification. Boxing fans will know it’s not a unification, however casual sports fans won’t & they greatly outnumber boxing fanatics.

A bout with Martin Murray is definitely possible as Murray has called out Eubank Jr over twitter. That fight could be made rather easy. The target for Eubank Jr is DeGale. Whether he takes that or not is highly doubtful. But since Liam Smith is going to fight Anthony Direll for a vacant title & with Badou Jack moving up to LHW, Eubank Jr vs DeGale does make sense and it’s a monster fight in the UK.

So why not make DeGale vs Eubank Jr? The biggest issue will be the teams of both fighters demanding it be on Sky PPV or ITV PPV. From a money perspective. It’s clearly a monster fight from both and it would captivate the UK. Why not?

Let’s see this next. DeGale is the heavy favorite here. Not that the Eubank’s care, they will back themselves against anyone.

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