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That’s Enough Anthony Mundine. It’s time to retire.

That’s Enough Anthony Mundine. It’s time to retire.

I have covered Anthony Mundine’s career closely. This post should provide a fascinating read. Mundine is a superstar in Australia. Outside of Australia he’s known & respected by boxing pundits only. Don’t let people say no one knows him or that he can’t fight, we know that’s not true.

So it all began with Mundine retiring from Rugby League. You have heard it before right? Professional footballer finds new career as he needs the money and isn’t succeeding! WRONG. Anthony Mundine was the highest paid NRL player at the time. He was on $700 000 a year and this was 2 decades ago. Anthony walked away from the NRL & chose boxing. Most including myself thought he would fail. Most thought he was crazy. Then the footage of Mundine hitting the pads was released before his first professional bout.

Then his first professional bout happens. After 1 minute, everyone watching thought, um. This guy can actually fight. He had ridiculous power & speed. But he was raw. No amateur career apart from 4 fights as a teenager & he was new to the sport.

Things progressed fast for Mundine. He then went on to drill every local opponent. And I mean drill. Knocking out local fighters in vicious fashion. Every fight was the same in terms of promotion. This is finally the fight when a local Australian fighter will beat Mundine. Only problem was, Mundine was way to good for domestic level opponents even when he was a baby in his career.

So Mundine goes to Germany. Gets knocked out. And everyone laughs. Fact of the matter is he had Ottke hurt and it was in his 11th pro fight and he simply fatigued. 95% of Australia were happy Mundine was knocked out.

So then comes the character of the man. While many thought he would go back to the NRL, he says no, I’m going to stick with boxing. Most continued to doubt him. Mundine then started fighting again. Winning several bouts before claiming a version of the WBA title off Echols. No one gave Mundine a shot in that fight. He fought smart and simply picked Echols off.

Mundine then lost his title against Manny Siaca. What we were watching was an amateur learning his craft in the ring. He was confused by Manny. Mundine then went back to the drawing board and he chose Mikkel Kessler next up. Mundine took a battering off Kessler for 12 rounds, but he also dished out the most punishment that the Danish star has taken other than his fight with Calzaghe. Ward brawled Kessler landing clean, however if you watch the Mundine fight, he probably tagged Kessler more.

So Mundine does what he does. He loses. And he has a tremendous amount of determination and character. He goes on to win a mega bout with Danny Green, in a stunning performance. At the time Green was a huge favorite and he was ranked #3 by the ring magazine at SMW. Mundine then went on to absolutely destroy Sam Soliman in the rematch. At this time he was world class. And at this time he chose the wrong fights.

Mundine should have taken big fights between 2006 and 2009. At his peak he would have had some big wins. Unfortunately he didn’t get major wins. But he has solid wins on his CV. Including a fantastic win over Geale in their first fight.

Mundine then went on a crusade to go to 154 & become a champion there. He confused Alvarez’s brother and then got dropped 5 times vs Clottey. Mundine then outclassed Rabchenko. He was then stopped by Hatley, but we are likely going to find out soon that Hatley is the real deal.

The problem was, it was a horrible decision to drop weight. He should have never been fighting that light. His natural weight was Middleweight or Super Middleweight.

But Mundine’s finest performance was last week. Even though he was 41 & Danny Green was 43. We actually said this fight shouldn’t be sanctioned and it wouldn’t have been sanctioned in the UK or the US. As Mundine had come up 4 divisions to challenge Green. It was dangerous. Mundine was on a hiding to nothing.

Guess what happens next.

Just as the cards are down and the verdict is Mundine is going to get destroyed. Mundine puts in a courageous performance and wins a fight that no one gave him a chance in. Well he won on our cards by 3 rounds. Regardless if you scored it a draw or to Mundine (like 90% of our followers did), that performance alone deserves respect. It’s ballsy. But not only did Mundine win the fight, he actually walked the far bigger man down.

Summary: Australia had a world class talent, who should have definitely achieved more on the world stage with better match making from 2006 until 2009. However what he has achieved is nothing short of remarkable. At 41 he’s still the most talented fighter in Australian boxing.

Mundine will go down in Australian boxing history. Most Australians dislike him. But let’s get one thing straight. This guy can fight & his achievements have been nothing short of remarkable. History will judge his achievements kindly.

This is also worth some thought. Mundine actually holds world records in boxing & here is one.  Anthony is the only fighter in boxing history to have had every fight on PPV. And he’s in the top 20 earners of all time from boxing, without having one significant fight overseas. Stunning right.

Put all the negativity aside. The promotional stunts etc etc. And just admit it. Australia had a world class talent & even though he didn’t achieve what he should have. Anthony deserves all the accolades of a stunning dual sport career.

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