Friday, 17 February 2017

Roy Jones vs Bobby Gunn Live Results: Full Card

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First fight is finished on the PPV for Jones vs Gunn.

Frank De Alba has won by shutout. Solid performance. Decent handspeed.

Official scored were all 60-54.  De Alba moves to 21-2. De Alba’s opponent German Meraz has registered his first loss. Wait no! It’s his 42nd loss, he moves to 55-42.

Next Up.

Robson Asis takes on Kanat Islam next. Islam is undefeated and he’s the heavy favorite. Kanat has stopped Asis in round 1. Quite brutal that. 

I like what i see from Kanat Islam. One to watch for the future. Time to really step it up to. That left has serious power. 

Kanat is going to be out of the ring for a while. He was cut really badly!

Next up is ROY! 


Bobby Gunn comes into the ring. Looks quite intimidating. Brutal stare & determination on his face to. 

Ring announcer mentions this is for the WBF Cruiserweight title LOL. 

It's actually a packed house. Time for action. 

All Roy in round 1. Target practice really on Bobby Gunn. Who is eating shots here.

Roy pretty much just jabbed in round 1. Bobby was smiling at Roy however he looks a lot slower & Roy looks much faster in there. Amazing that Gunn is so relaxed.

Bobby is now rushing Roy. Trying to force the fight. But Roy is way to slick for him even at this age. Roy is keeping Bobby on the end of his jab and landing the occasional hook or body shot. Doesn't look like he has the power to stop Bobby right now. But it's pretty one sided. Should get interesting as this develops. Roy is up after 2. 

It's all Roy after 3. Looks way to slick for Gunn, even though he's 5 years older. That slick body movement which he still has is simply confusing Gunn everytime he comes into range to try to force the fight. Roy is up 3-0 here. Big question is can he stay this relaxed for the entire fight at his age?

Roy is fighting smart so far. Every time he's against the ropes & Gunn backs him up. He's holding and tying Gunn up which he needs to do. If he stays in the trenches it's going to get dangerous. But he looks way to smart in there right now. Perfect tactics. 

Same so far in Round 4. And Roy's chatting to the crowd LOL. 

Roy lands a solid combo in round 4. And Bobby lands a lucky punch which was worrying. However Roy isn't hurt, but he's playing like he's hurt. Total entertainment from Roy. Best punch of the fight for Gunn so far but didn't do much damage. It's still really one sided. Would be shocked if Roy found a way to lose this. End of the 4th. 

Same old in the 5th. All Roy. Jab. And lead right hand. Gunn needs to do a lot more and he needs to start taking risks. While not looking to damaging. Roy's shots are starting to take a toll on Bobby Gunn. 

End of round 5 we have it a shutout to Roy. It's a one sided mismatch right now. 

Round 6 is more of the same. Roy landed his best right hand of the fight and Gunn didn't move. Doubt Roy can stop Gunn. And doubt Gunn can really land anything significant on Roy. 

We are now in round 7! And Guess what? Roy is landing jab after jab again. Not much is changing. Gunn is still there but surely he has to take risks soon?

Gunn lands a shot to the back of the head. Roy has a chat to the ref about it. And then ROY LANDS A NICE COMBO AND HURTS GUNN! Could be a stoppage in the next round. 

IT'S OVER ROY BY TKO IN THE 8th. Gunn doesn't come out of his corner. And rightly so. That was target practice for Roy. We expected it to be much more competitive. However even at his age, Roy had the right tactics and he toyed with Gunn. 

Every time Gunn came in close Roy held. It was smart. And he just relied on that jab and lead right hand which was way to much for Gunn. Roy obviously doesn't have much left but congrats on that win. 

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