Friday, 3 February 2017

Anthony Mundine vs Danny Green 2 : Review

Danny Green Wins The Rematch: In Controversial Fashion

Danny Green defeated Anthony Mundine in a controversial decision in Adelaide last night. In front of a crowd of nearly 28 000 the biggest grudge match in Australian history reached a conclusion. The conclusion confused most who watched the bout.

Key Facts:

-       Mundine was lucky not to have been penalized in round 1 when he landed a late left hook on Green. Danny was visibly shaken from this and he was nearly stopped.
-       Green was penalized in round 7 but one judge somehow scored that round 10-10, which actually is against the rules. So that didn’t make any sense at all.
-       Both fighters have now officially retired.
-       PPV’s for this were tracking higher than Mayweather vs Pacquiao leading up to the bout but it didn’t beat the first Green vs Mundine bout from what we have been told.
-       It was an impressive display by Mundine especially given he moved up 3-4 divisions to stun Green at times.
-    Green did look his age, but he showed his trademark courage, coming back from being hurt badly with the potential foul in the 1st round. 

We scored this fight to Mundine by a few rounds. It was quite clear to see. The scoring was poor. However I guess this also sets up a potential 3rd fight between the two, if they ever wanted to do it. 

Regardless of the result it was great to see the respect between the two shown after this bout. Danny Green fans & Mundine fans should be proud of the way they conducted themselves on fight night.

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