Thursday, 16 February 2017

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor Who Would Win?

The fantasy bout which everyone is talking about is Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor. Two absolute superstars in their respective sports. Conor is an icon across UFC & Mayweather is a global superstar. Floyd is the highest grossing sportsman in the world over the past decade. His mega fight with Manny Pacquiao earnt Floyd over $300M US. Conor’s highest purse is said to be around $10M US.

The biggest constraint for this is Conor is signed to the UFC, so the owners will need to approve this for it to go ahead. Floyd is advised by the powerful Al Haymon, so if the financials are right they can easily make it on their side. So let’s get into discussing this about the potential result and who is likely to win this bout.

First of all the rules are seriously important. Will this be a hybrid bout? It really should be. There is no way that this bout can be fair if it’s simply boxing or UFC. If it’s boxing Floyd wins easily. If it’s UFC Conor wins easily. They are mismatches either way.

How can this bout be fair?

Simple. This should be a standard kickboxing bout. Conor is a decent leg striker & he is great with elbows to if needed, like they are in the UFC. Floyd is a novice across those two areas. And in terms of boxing while Conor is a good striker and has serious power, he’s also a novice with his all round skill set. Boxing has so many other dynamics such as being able to time Floyd coming in. Being able to dictate range with a jab. It’s very rare in the UFC to fire a jab. Conor with a long training camp probably would be able to develop himself into a top 20 contender in boxing for his division, however he’s simply not going to be able to touch Floyd.

The same goes for Floyd. If he’s fighting Conor in a UFC bout he’s going to get choked out. Floyd’s only chance would be to land a big punch as Conor comes in which is what boxers who have gone to fight in the UFC have relied on before. The chances of this happening are extremely rare.

If it’s a pure boxing match Floyd would win this within 6 rounds. If it’s a pure UFC match Conor would win this within one round. If it’s a kickboxing bout then that would be interesting. A total different dynamic and while punches heavily favor Floyd. Conor has a HUGE advantage with leg kicks and elbows. Something Floyd’s defence can’t really account for in a short training camp.

If the bout is simply boxing or UFC then the master of their respective arts should clearly win. However it’s worth noting that anything can still happen and both fighters have a chance to land a lucky punch which is always the case in combat sports.

Both of these guys are draws so if the fight happened it’s going to be huge regardless. But the media need to be honest and if the fight isn’t a hybrid bout it’s a complete mismatch and cash grab.

The other thing is the chances of this bout happening are still HIGHLY unlikely. Both superstars could be keeping their names relevant with thousands of media releases why they don’t find. Media is very powerful and headlines are very valuable. With each headline Mayweather’s brands become stronger in worth and McGregor’s brand also becomes stronger in worth. Clothing line sales would greatly increase etc etc. So while this fight probably won’t ever happen the two superstars have serious interests and advantages with keeping this in the news and by keeping to tease media outlets.

In terms of PPV numbers it would be an absolute monster. Mayweather is a HUGE draw & Conor is a huge draw. Conor’s pre fight antics would absolutely help the fight annihilate any PPV record and even though some say it won’t pass the 1 million buy’s mark, I can tell you it easily would. If Conor starts mouthing off at Floyd, who’s to say the fight can’t break the Mayweather vs Pacquiao record? It’s a stunning money grab & I can understand why both fighters are exploring this, even though the likelihood of this happening is remote.

How would the UFC allow this? It remains to be seen, but a heavy loss for McGregor could be damaging for the sport. Conor is also trying to get equity in the company and this could be a negotiation tactic for him to achieve this. Maybe he will walk away from the Mayweather fight if the UFC promise him an equity share? This could be all part of the tactic. Conor is a very smart businessman and he brings tens of thousands of fans to his fights. Thousands travel from Europe to see him fight and what he has done in the UFC hasn’t been seen before.

Given Floyd’s age for this bout to have any credibility, it must happen soon. But can it happen soon? If it does, it will likely be messy and you would have to think that Conor would need to be released from his UFC contract.

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