Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How much is Billy Joe Saunders worth?

How much is Billy Joe Saunders worth?

BJ Saunders it the current WBO Middleweight world champion. Saunders is managed by Frank Warren and he’s constantly shown on boxnation. Saunders is promising a BIG fight just around the corner. Many are speculating this could in fact be against Miguel Cotto, however it looks as if Cotto has a bout with Juan Manuel Marquez lined up. Marquez is a global icon and massive name around the world in boxing.

BJ Saunders is at the very early stage of his championship career. He only recently won the world title from Andy Lee & since then he has been rather inactive due to a range of issues. Being a world champion means Saunders can command solid money for all his bouts. So far it’s safe to assume BJ hasn’t earnt $1M US in bouts, however he will definitely earn this in the future.

Saunders is a very intelligent fighter & guy outside of the ring. Everyone who chats to him gets surprised by how switched on he is and how he understands everything that is happening in the game and in his training, to why he may or may not be performing at optimum levels.

Saunders most likely has a net worth of around $3M US right now. However expect this to get closer to the $10M US mark as his career comes to an end. Saunders is a big name and his reputation is growing. Take into account the world title belt he has and the fantastic match ups available in the weight division up against Eubank JR & DeGale, he has a lot of options. Bouts against Groves & Smith could also be possibilities.

It’s a great time to be fighting in the UK & BJ Saunders should do very well financially over the next decade from boxing.

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