Friday, 24 February 2017

David Haye vs Tony Bellew Prediction

David Haye vs Tony Bellew Prediction

The more research we do on this one, the longer the bout goes. Originally we picked Haye to win very early. However it should last a little longer than that & here are some reasons why:

  • ·      Bellew has had a great camp from all reports and he’s had top class sparring with Chisora.
  • ·      Bellew can also fight from multiple stances & he should be able to change it up regularly which will give him some time & relief from an aggressive Haye.
  • ·      Bellew will likely start cautiously & this gives him his best chance to win this bout.
  • ·      Haye also looks in fantastic condition. Despite all the pre fight antics, he’s ripped & ready to go.

Fight Prediction:

·      Bellew will have success in the first couple of rounds, adopting a very cautious style.
·      Haye will constantly be cutting off the ring against Bellew.
·      At some stage around the middle of the fight, Haye will take Bellew out with a series of shots. Bellew will get up. He always does, but his corner will throw in the towel early.

Bellew’s corner know this is a money fight! Similar to what Brook’s corner did (which was very smart), they will throw in the towel early as soon as they feel Haye’s power is to much for Bellew. Some fans might be disappointed with the early stoppage, but Bellew will walk away with a truck load of cash & with his cruiserweight title still in the cabinet.

Haye by TKO in the 6th.

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