Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Danny Garcia vs Keith Thurman Prediction

Danny Garcia vs Keith Thurman 

So the super fight is nearly here! 

When this fight was made, I had one conclusion in mind. Thurman would be way to good and destructive for Danny Garcia. That was over a month ago and since then I have watched countless videos of both fighters.

I came across some interesting facts:

·      Danny Garcia has been the outsider for more bouts in his career then Keith Thurman has. So this is no change for Danny Garcia.
·      Both have fantastic power & great chins.
·      Thurman unlike Garcia, has been hurt to the body multiple times in his career so far.

So how will this play out?

·      Expect both fighters to start fast. They will trade from very early in the bout.
·      Neither fighter has lost before and they won’t take an 8 count to compose and recover themselves if they are hurt. So whoever goes down first will get stopped.
·      Danny will come forward early. Thurman will try to negate this by throwing power shots and he will also show a willingness to brawl.
·      Brawling & trading plays into Garcia’s hands.  
·      Despite taking some serious leather early Garcia should be able to weather the early storm and begin to break Thurman down to the body.
·      Expect Thurman to win early rounds & Garcia will be in control from the mid point forcing a stoppage victory around the 8-9th.

Thurman's style is perfect for Garcia. And Thurman has to much pride to continue to fight off the back foot for large portions of the fight.

It will be a fantastic fight. However we see Danny pulling off what many feel will be another upset win.

We don't think this goes 12. We think Danny will win this in stunning fashion. 

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