Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Chris Eubank JR Net Worth : Boxing Financial Earning

Chris Eubank Jr : How Much He Earns Per Fight

Chris Eubank Jr is on the road to stardom. He’s had some questionable career decisions. However his talent is clearly there.

Eubank Jr fights Renold Quinlan this week. Jr has had a mix of bouts throughout his career. Some have been classified as tune ups, some have been big fights like fights against BJ Saunders.

 Eubank JR has earnt anywhere between $50 000 US to $500 000 US per fight. He’s set to earn big in the future if he keeps on winning. Despite attracting a lot of criticism he’s a huge draw. He has over 350 000 twitter followers & his dad is always in the headlines also.

Expect Eubank JR to earn over $10M US in his career. He should do this easily with his talent and chin. Provided he is managed right and gets the correct fights.

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