Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Broner vs Granados : All Is Not What It Seems

Broner vs Granados Summary 

Here is some facts about Broner vs Granados:

·      They are actually close friends. They have sparred hundreds of rounds in the gym before and it’s been close.
·      Both fighters give eachother high levels of respect.
·      We have PR releases and they indicate the bout was originally scheduled for 142 lbs. In the PR releases Granados believes Broner has recently been sick which is why the fight is now at 147 lbs.
·      Granados is coming off a HUGE win. Defeating Amir Imam in one of the upsets of 2015. He then fought a stay busy fight in 2016 and now he gets his chance against Broner.

Of course we expect Broner to win. But Granados is a fighter that is constantly improving and he will come to fight. He will push Broner. If Granados can remain competitive past the 4th round he will come into the fight and he should be able to push Broner the longer the fight goes.

With Broner we know the sky is the limit in terms of his talent. But who knows how seriously he has taken this? Increasing the original weight is a warning sign. 

Also worth noting the odds aren’t that wide for this fight, indicating the bookies actually give Granados a chance. Could we see a major upset? Stranger things have happened.

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