Saturday, 18 February 2017

Blink & You Will Miss It. Why Hughie Fury Looks Ordinary.

Misunderstanding Hughie Fury 

A majority of boxing kingdom followers believe Joseph Parker will convincingly defeat Hughie Fury on the 1st of April in New Zealand. We actually totally disagree. We think Hughie has a fantastic chance of causing a huge upset.

Hughie’s Style:

Hughie’s style is deceiving. He’s actually a spoiler. He’s not an action fighter. He has fantastic footwork as all of Peter Fury’s fighters do. And he’s also very rangey and he has a fantastic array of punches. Due to Hughie's style & strengths most of his fights will be unappealing, e.g when he toyed with Kassi. 

Joseph Parker actually doesn’t deal well with opponents who are defensive or with opponents who can box and move. And who’s to say Joseph Parker will be in good shape for the Hughie Fury bout? He came in heavy to his bout with Andy Ruiz and why was that? What more motivation could a fighter need to come in at career best shape? He had a vacant HW title shot at home in New Zealand. Parker looked sensational against Takam, however he was unimpressive against a game Andy Ruiz Jr. 

Hughie will do what he does. He will feel his opponent out. He will flash the jab and he will react to his opponents weaknesses. This will likely involve counter punching or simply catching his opponent when he comes in range to close. But don't for a minute underestimate Hughie's ability due to his style. Being a spoiler type fighter can look boring, but it also causes huge upsets and big wins even at the elite level. 

Hughie also has the ability to counter punch & fight off the front foot. He's got a series of skills which are underestimated, however they will soon get recognition.

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