Thursday, 16 February 2017

Al Haymon Net Worth

Al Haymon is the richest man in boxing and the smartest. Major lawsuits have been dropped against Haymon and he started the revolutionary PBC series which aims to bring back free to air boxing for all fans. Despite being hit with early criticism the match ups for 2017 have been stunning so far.

It’s near impossible to get an accurate gauge on what Al Haymon is worth. As he is a secret investor across a LOT of businesses. However it’s safe to say his net worth is close to $1B. He also has a lot of power across other industries as reports indicate he was once a major player in the music world.

Haymon has so many fighters he works with, his fees would be massive each year. It’s hard to see him making anything less than $50 M a year.

Hopefully the most secretive man in boxing starts giving interviews so we can understand how he wants to reward boxing fans with free fights to help the sport grow.

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