Monday, 30 January 2017

Anthony Mundine vs Danny Green 2 Prediction

The biggest fight in Australia is almost here. A total grudge match between Anthony Mundine & Danny Green. These two haven’t got along throughout their entire careers. This rivalry transcends Australia and even though both are years past their best, the country will tune in to see if Danny Green can even the score this Friday night.

Key Facts

·     Danny Green is the heavy favorite and rightly so.
·     Mundine is giving away a lot of weight. However he was fighting as an unhealthy JMW. It was a disaster for Mundine to boil himself down at this weight.
·     Mundine actually wasted a lot of talent to a degree. Despite being highly successful and a multi millionaire from boxing, he could have won big fights from 2006 until 2010 when he was in his prime.
·     Danny Green’s achievements at Light Heavyweight & especially cruiserweight are quite under rated. He lost by TKO to Tarver in a one sided beat down, however that bout is surrounded in controversy. Green then went on to fight Wlod, the Polish star who was the best cruiserweight in the world at the time. Green not only went 11 rounds, he was well up on the cards before he was stopped. He just couldn’t stop fatiguing at such a high weight.

Who wins?

·     Danny Green should win this by the mid rounds. It could even be earlier. Mundine has lost his reflexes and his chin was never great. This gets worse with age.
·     Green has always had a fantastic chin and he’s the much bigger man in the ring.
·     If Mundine does win this, it would be a MASSIVE achievement. Regardless of how old Danny Green is, this bout probably wouldn’t have been sanctioned in the UK or US, due to the weigh disparity. So winning this bout would be insane for Mundine.
·     We doubt Mundine has the legs to stay away from Green. Mundine will try to relive his younger years and rely on his reflexes, keeping his guard down.
·     The only way Mundine wins this fight is if he fights defensively with a very traditional, high guard. We just don’t see this happening.

Expect Danny Green to win and to win big. Don’t rule out a 3rd fight between these two either. This rivalry divides Australia.

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