Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Mikey Garcia vs Zlaticanin Prediction & Analysis

By the end of the night, it’s very possible that this fight may steal the show. Two elite, under rated fighters will face off as the co-main event to Frampton vs Santa Cruz 2. This fight is worthy of headlining any card.

·      Dan Rafael is picking Zlaticanin.

·      Both have the power to keep each other honest. KO %’s are 68% for Dejan & 83% for Mikey.

What will happen?

  • Dejan will come out firing. He always does. Many expect him to be able to hurt Mikey.  This is true but Mikey is such a well rounded fighter & if he starts cautiously he should be able to expose Dejan’s minor limitations in the early rounds.  
  • Dejan sits down on his punches very well. But he’s so aggressive he often throws loopy shots and stays in range for to long. Mikey will be able to expose this. Garcia should be able to find constant openings. Don’t think this will be completely one sided though. Mikey will outbox Dejan for long moments in the bout,  but it’s very possible that he will be hurt himself at stages. 
  • Mikey will pile up the rounds early. His lead will be significant going into the mid rounds. Dejan will have some big rounds later on in the fight. But Mikey’s overall skills will get him through this with a clear UD win. Don’t be surprised to see Mikey get through some tough times in this fight. Mikey Garcia is the real deal & we have been saying this for years.

Mikey wins this by UD. 

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