Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Carl Frampton vs Leo Santa Cruz 2 (Rematch) Prediction

It’s usually not hard to predict how a rematch will turn out. However for this fight it’s difficult. The big question is how does Leo approach this fight? Frampton’s shock win propelled him to winning fighter of the year for 2016 from all credible boxing writers & media.

What Happens?

·      Once again, Frampton will enjoy more support. He’s bringing thousands of his fellow countrymen and they know how to make themselves heard.
·      Leo can’t fight with the same game plan. Calculated pressure doesn’t work with Carl. Carl has multiple stances & a sensational range of punches. Combined with a top notch chin.
·      Leo relies on pressure, but we are likely to see a more aggressive fighter than the first fight. It’s a big risk for Santa Cruz. Forcing the fight even more than his normal aggressive self, in our opinion this will play into Frampton’s hands.
·      Frampton will win big rounds early & Leo will take more risks. Leo’s pressure usually comes off a jab, which is then followed by relentless combinations. Carl’s range is so good that he rarely gets tagged with a jab. Expect Leo to rush Carl more at every opportunity.

Who wins this fight?

Carl Frampton wins this rematch and in devastating fashion. Santa Cruz will gamble. After losing early rounds, Leo will be on Carl’s chest at every opportunity. With that comes openings. Carl will drop Leo multiple times late in the fight, before the ref steps in and waves this off. From every media report we have had both guys have had tremendous camps. But a few stories we have had indicate Carl is peaking. 

Don’t leave the room even for a bathroom break. This will be more action packed than the first fight……

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