Thursday, 12 January 2017

4 Crazy Facts About Chris Eubank : Boxings Most Interesting Personality

Love him or hate him Chris Eubank Sr was a world champion. He was a warrior & a great fighter. He remains one of boxings true personalities. Each week he comes out with comments which leave the readers stunned. Controversy sells and he & his son are big draws in boxing. But here are some funny facts about Chris Eubank Sr:

·    According to his ex-wife Karron Stephen-Martin he blew a fortune on Savile Row suits, jodhpurs, silk shirts. (Who hasn’t!)

·    He would fly his barber from his home to cut his hair. His barber was from Manchester & Eubank Sr lived in Brighton. (According to the Sun).

·    Eubank Sr once purchased a £55,000 Hummer from Dubai, but he didn’t check the emission requirements, so he was unable to bring it into the UK.

·    According to the Mirror Chris Eubank once took a homeless person into his house from the streets. After spending time with Eubank the homeless man named ‘Max’ then left and went back to the streets.

Whether you love him or hate him, Eubank SR draws headlines around the world. All publicity is good publicity.

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