Tuesday, 12 September 2017

GGG vs Canelo Prediction : Fight Time : Media Information

Canelo vs GGG Information From This Post Includes!

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3. Press Conference Info / Weigh In Info. 
4. Purses for Canelo vs GGG

1. So first of all, let me tell you one thing! I am predicting a very controversial ending which will set up a rematch for Canelo vs GGG! Expect a sensational action fight! One we haven’t seen for years! Not only are these two warriors power punchers, but they will bring a seriously impressive skill set into the ring with them this Saturday night!

The first two rounds will be a technical / jab vs jab battle. Both opponents will try figure each other out. GGG won’t rush in. He will take an approach similar to the Lemieux fight. GGG will respect Canelo’s power & Canelo will definitely respect GGG’s power. I expect the first two rounds to be quite boring and tactical and we could very easily be going into round 3 with both fighters level on the cards, with one round each.

Rounds 3-5 : Look for GGG to up the stakes here. He will continue to pressure Canelo! Expect to see signs from Canelo where he realizes GGG’s power is intense. Canelo will stay composed. But GGG will have his moments from rounds 3 to 5. Expect Canelo to go down at least once, possibly twice during this period.

Round 6: Expect the fight to change from this point. Canelo will re-group from here and he will fight his way back into the fight. Random body attacks will be Canelo’s trademark. And GGG's 35 years of age will start to show with his work rate slowly declining. He won’t be able to keep the pace up and Canelo will come on from here. The crowd will be chanting with each shot Canelo lands, despite GGG being well ahead on the cards at this point!

Rounds 7-11: I expect Canelo to control these rounds. The body attacks will pay dividends & GGG despite commanding the center of the ring won't let his hands go at ideal times. Canelo will also be able to get GGG’s attention throughout these rounds with several power shots. I can’t see Canelo dropping GGG but he may be able to noticeably hurt GGG, without putting him down.

I expect round 12 to be an absolute classic with both fighters going all out. The bigger shots will be from GGG. But the quantity of shots will be from Canelo, who will likely weep rounds 7-12.

Expect Canelo to get the decision by 2-4 rounds on all three scorecards or potentially a SD win. The fight will be fantastic. Some fans will think GGG won. But Canelo will get the decision and plans for a rematch will begin immediately after. This likely won’t happen immediately after due to the cuts and damage both do to each other, but the rematch will be planned for the end of 2018 and expect both to fight on the same card next against different opponents to build a scintillating rematch!

2. Ring Walk Times are Scheduled for:

- 7.50PM Las Vegas time
- 10.50PM NYC TIME 
- 3.50AM London time 

3. Media Information CAN BE SEEN HERE! 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017




EARLY ROUNDS: Mikey will dominate here, his power will ensure Broner stays cautious and I expect Mikey to win the first 3 rounds. Expect him to at least stagger if not hurt Broner in the early rounds.

MID/LATE ROUNDS:  As soon as Mikey’s work rate drops Broner will be able to use his counter punching ability to win rounds. Broner’s size will also be evident. Despite both being the same height, Broner will have a significant weight advantage on fight night.

Expect Broner to squeeze out a SD win. I see this as very close & they may just line up a rematch after this.  

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko 2 moves to Las Vegas

Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko 2 moves to Las Vegas

Quick update for fight fans. Wladimir still hasn’t approved of the AJ rematch, however if it gets done it will be at the T Mobile arena in Las Vegas. Wlad has refused fighting AJ again in the UK. Announcement on this should be made in the next month.  

Whyte vs Grant Is Off

Whyte vs Grant Is Off

UK Boxing was outraged when fans were informed Dillain Whyte’s US debut would be against 44 year old Michael Grant. Grant was coming off 3 devastating stoppage losses. Thankfully that bout is now off and a new opponent for Whyte is being considered. Whyte continues on his quest to win a world title, however the Chisora rematch is a necessity and it’s the fight UK fans are keen to see.