Thursday, 1 December 2016

Tyson Fury Unleashes on David Haye – Can We Judge Him?

Over the past 24 hours Tyson Fury has launched a few verbal assaults on twitter. They are some of the final outbursts for a man who's rapid fall from fame has been sad to see. 

The first tweet is a homophobic tweet which includes:

I wasn't having a go at David gay I'm complementing him, on knowing fuckall about boxing & being out of the closet. Well done Dave 

Tyson’s 2nd Tweet included ridicule about Allen vs Ortiz:

The joke is that the no1 in the world is fighting the no85 in the world, hope big Dave flattens him, the guy is 147 years old,

Now Can we judge Fury?

We understand he hasn’t been well. We respect that. We hope he gets right & the he can recover his health. However how can you go on holidays & then come back and launch multiple brutal tweets & expect not to be judged? We are all responsible for our actions, I was taught this as a young child. 

In the space of two tweets Tyson has ripped the sport & also shown some 1970 views which include homophobia. 

Now it get’s better. Fury then ripped the State of the heavyweight division?

To be quite frank, heavyweight boxing is shit ATM, so called killers fighting bums who we don't know, &old men fighting for titles,#Jokers

So that will do me. That is enough. The Heavyweight division is how it is right now because of TYSON FURY. Fury didn’t fight for all of 2016 & he vacated his belts, before he was stripped. 

If Tyson is sick, then get well. But don’t tweet and rip the sport that has made him millions. 

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