Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Ticket Problems. Exploring the major fan backlash about AJ vs Klitschko Tickets.

In case you missed it. 95% of our followers & nearly the same percentage across twitter are extremely angry about the way ticket sales & prices have progressed for the Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko mega fight!

Here is what has happened:

Large numbers of tickets have been released in portions. Some have gone straight to the fans buying direct & some have gone to re-sellers. For the tens of thousands of fans trying to buy direct the website crashed. As a result, the waiting times were huge and tens of thousands of fans missed out on purchasing the tickets directly.

But here comes the 2nd chance for fans to buy the tickets! RE-SALE TICKET MARKET! That chance is buying it off re-seller sites. Right now we have re-sale tickets which are going from 200% to more than 1000% of face value. Yes I have seen tickets going for over 10K, even 50K.

So where is this money going? It’s an insane amount of money we are talking about here. Essentially fight fans who have normal jobs & who aren’t extremely wealthy have been priced out of buying tickets. Combine this with the fact that bank accounts are stretched over the Christmas period. 

As usual with a Matchroom event. The fighter/s owns the promotion/event. So Anthony Joshua & Wladimir must really be asking, what is going on?


We also received this private message from a loyal follower. This is to do with ‘FightPass’

Went on at 11 Monday, couldn't get a single ticket and the amount that was available was disgusting! So limited - would love to know the exact amounts. Anyway, fight pass members are told they'll get "the best seats in the house" and 10 live streams a year .... I've seen no live streams and yet again didn't even manage to get the worst seats in the house. My point was that for the numbers of fight pass members and the ridiculously low amount of tickets available most didn't have a chance. I'm in the process of finding the relevant place to sit my concerns as the whole fight pass membership reeks. All I've seen is other fight pass members with the same problems as myself. Thanks

So what’s going on? Surely the fans are important also?

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  1. fight pass charges £30 a year.ive not seen a single stream and last four shows not got a ticket. 7000 members are on fight pass thats £210,000 a year in free money its a joke the hearns need putting in jail.