Friday, 16 December 2016

Ricky Burns vs Pauli Malignaggi Is CLOSE!

Ricky Burns vs Paul Malignaggi

Malignaggi vs Burns is close to being finalized for March in the UK. The weight cut which has been described as the ‘weight cut of his life’ will present a huge challenge for Malignaggi. Making 140 will be difficult, however this will give Malignaggi the chance to become a 3 time world champion which is what he is after for his legacy. The weight cut will be so difficult for Malignaggi that he has gone on record as saying he won’t even defend the title if he wins it off Burn’s. Burns is coming off a lackluster performance however he is known to have huge courage and he always comes to fight. The lead up will be entertaining. Malignaggi is the best boxing analyst in the game at the moment and he will bring his hilarious friend & boxing identity Peter Cards over for the ride.

Burns vs Malignaggi is a nice addition to an already packed schedule for 2017.

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