Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Interview with Jamie Cross : An Inspirational Journey

Jamie Cross has been a long time boxing kingdom follower & after hearing his amazing & inspirational story, we felt compelled to interview him. Jamie has overcome all odds & his future boxing debut is already a huge success, regardless of the result/s. 

Jamie, so tell Boxing Kingdom followers about your journey so far:

JC "Well, up until the attack I lived a fairly normal life. I was settling into a new sales role & my fiance was 9 months pregnant & we were ready to start a new family, life was great. 

What happened next?

JC " It all changed when I had bumped into an old friend, who I was taking back to introduce to my partner. We went to cross a bridge, my friend darted around the corner for a toilet and when he came back I was surrounded by hooded lads with metal bars, while I lay unconscious.

They had formed a barrier so that my friend couldn't reach me, and dragged me to a concrete slab, kneeled me down and landed more blows before dropping me and calmly exclaiming "let's chip". I was up "within 10" and telling my friend I needed to get back and kiss the bump and Rachel goodbye. The only thing I can remember is staggering home, very confused by all the blood, which was pouring from my ears and a face wound. I was panicking I wouldn't make it back in time and was trying to scoop blood back in my ears believing it would buy me some time.

What happened when you made it to the hospital?
JC "When I did get to the hospital, it turned out my eye socket, cheekbone and Jaw had all been fractured in various ways. It effected me mentally pretty quickly, although I believed at the time I had a grip on it, and returned to work in a week or two, and even stayed with my partner as she got ill in hospital with our baby and needed an emergency c-section, which I observed in full due to my lack of trust with the doctors"

What happened after this?

JC "Over the coming months my mental health deteriorated further, and eventually I lost my job, fell out with my family, and then my relationship suffered greatly and I was asked to leave. I was reluctant to be far from the house and didn't want to let anyone in to my trouble and so began sleeping rough in the countryside nearby.
My mental health worker realized what was going on, and I had lost nearly 5 stone by this point and brought me to a high risk hostel, which I'm glad of because I was seriously considering taking my life, something that still hits me sometimes. My survival instincts have surprised me. Despite suicidal thoughts, my desire to get back up and force myself through challenges, to survive, will always be a stronger will, I don't know how to give up? Would be easy, but not many people could survive what I did, so I want to see what I'm capable of before I go.. and my love would be to inspire others like me that it's not over unless we say it is!
Thankyou for sharing that story, where are you now with boxing?

JC "I make my amateur debut on Feb 11th in Chippenham, proudly representing Emeralds Boxing Gym, who have been so supportive and encouraging. Training is going well, it's an obsession for me right now so if I'm not training, I'm thinking about it or researching and watching certain boxers. Boxing seems to be the only thing that makes sense to me at the moment. Every day I wake up as in fresh from the attack, and have a lot of adrenaline in my body that persists during the whole day, triggered constantly by various things- noises, sudden intrusion, visual disturbances etc. It's exhausting and was rotting me away, but fighting engages the primal part of me that justifies the adrenalin and amplifies my desire to fight back. Now I see my future in boxing, crazy and bold as that sounds, I want to prove that I can fight my way into contention in the pros. I believe with the right support and dedication I can achieve this, and prove that mental injuries or illness shouldn't stop you fighting for a dream. I want to inspire, but ultimately I want to overcome the greatest challenges that life can throw at me. I want to prove that I'm a fighter, I'm the real deal, just raw right now."
How long have you followed boxing kingdom for? It seems like it's been forever! :)
JC "Yes I've followed you guys from the very beginning, and have enjoyed the insight and engagement that you have with your followers- it's great for the sport to have sources like yours."
Would you like to thank anyone else?
JC "I just like to say HUGE thank you to everyone who has already sent me encouragement, it really has kept me going and fuels the fire inside. Also a thanks to Emeralds Boxing Club in Chippenham, I've really needed them and feel safe right now. The last thing I'd like to say is to anyone who can relate to my story in any way- if you think you need some help, please ask for it. Asking for help is taking control of the demons, don't suffer in silence. Engage with people like me, set targets and you'll enjoy your life, as challenging as it may be."

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