Friday, 16 December 2016

Hughie Fury & The WBO Mandatory Saga

Over the past week the news has been LOUD for Hughie Fury. Apparently he’s the mandatory for the WBO HW title, which is held by Joseph Parker. Parker is a talent, however he was largely unimpressive in his recent win against Andy Ruiz Jr to become New Zealand’s first Heavyweight boxing champion. 

Joseph Parker’s team seem to be encouraging the move to make Hughie mandatory, but wouldn’t you also? It’s a much more winnable fight for Parker rather than face David Haye. Haye fights in March against Bellew and an extension from April 10th is easily possible. Haye can simply begin negotiating the fight with Parker after the Bellew fight. A simple extension can be requested & it's often granted in these cases. 

Let’s see what happens. As of right now the only official ruling was made at the WBO convention last year. These reports state that Parker has until April 10th to fight David Haye. It could be possible for Hughie to be mandatory immediately if Haye withdrew himself from the mandatory position, but do you really think he would? It's an awesome option for Haye to have. 

If Hughie was indeed mandatory (which hasn’t been officially announced), it would leave him with the opportunity to fight Parker or to fight Wilder. Both are title fights and both are huge opportunities for the talented Englishman.

But as of right now, the official ruling is that David Haye is mandatory challenger for Joseph Parker and this fight will be made after the Bellew bout. 

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