Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Chisora vs Whyte : The Grudge Match : Full Prediction

Chisora vs Whyte is one of the hottest tickets in boxing right now. This promotion has been brutal. It has been insane. A lot of fans are actually looking forward to this bout most this weekend, that is even when compared to Joshua vs Molina, Parker vs Ruiz Jr & Williams vs Charlo. Both fighters will likely get fined and reprimanded after this fight. People will say they went to far in the promotion. But the truth of the matter is, IT’S GOOD FOR BOXING. ANY PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY WHEN IT COMES TO MAKING FANS WATCH THE FIGHT.

Key Facts:

·      Whyte has the speed advantage.  
·      Whyte is in career best condition. He has been eating well & training the house down.  
·      Chisora has faced better opposition.
·      Chisora has a great chin.
·      Chisora can fight for 12 rounds.
·      Both are good technically. Chisora does hold a high guard and comes forward with relentless pressure.

Logic says Whyte should win this. Whyte is 28 & he’s on the way up. Chisora is 32 & according to many he has seen better days. We will break away from the pack and say that Chisora will win this via UD setting up a bout with Anthony Joshua for late 2017. Chisora should be able to dictate the tempo of the fight quite well. Whyte will have his moments, however Chisora is angry & he’s not actually that old. Chisora is 32 & this promotion has probably gotten him up & war ready for one last hurrah. And this could be his greatest win. We will go with Chisora by UD by 2-3 rounds.


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