Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Has the Chisora vs Whyte Build Up Been Fine?

Did The Build Up Cross The Line?

The Chisora vs Whyte build up has been crazy. It’s been entertaining. It’s been everything we knew it would be & then some more. We currently have two schools of thoughts about what has been happening. 

Camp A: This includes about 60% of our followers. These followers are happy with the events. They are loving this. The craziness is attracting them to watch this bout even more closely. 

Camp B: Probably around 40% of our followers find the behavior by both totally unprofessional & unappealing. 

We want to see comments. What do you think about the promotion?Has it been bad?

Our key points are this:

-      It has been crazy. Probably a little to intense. But all publicity is good publicity. As long as boxing isn’t reporting failed PED tests or criminal proceedings, the drama which has been seen at the ‘Gloves are Off’ & ‘press conference’ are attracting headlines across the world. 
-      Chisora is trending in countries he has never seen media attention before. This includes Australia. New Zealand. Other parts of the world. And this puts boxing back in the spotlight again. 
-      What do we have to lose? I mean out of 100 people watching this on the news, it’s not going to turn any hardcore boxing fans away. But it will attract standard sports fans. It happens at all major events. 

Then take into account how poor earnings have been in the US for certain fights. Take a look at Ward vs Kovalev. 160 000 PPV’s. I wonder if both fighters regret not throwing a table now to get the buys up?

Boxing has always been intense. It’s always been a pure sport. But boxing has always been entertainment. Whether we like it or not. Whether they have crossed the line or not. We are being entertained. And most importantly we are discussing this. The more attention boxing gets, the happier we should all be.  

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