Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Anthony Joshua vs Molina Prediction

Anthony Joshua vs Molina Prediction

Anthony Joshua will face Molina this weekend in a bout which will earn the fastest growing star in boxing another LARGE purse. The bout is essentially a stay busy fight before Anthony Joshua’s big fight with Wladimir Klitschko which will take place in mid 2017.

Key Points:

·    This shouldn’t last long. Anthony should overwhelm Molina from the start.
·    Molina is a slow starter.
·    Anthony Joshua is a rapid starter.
·    Molina will do what he normally does. He will get tricky & he will try to set traps.
·    Anthony is technically very good, so it should nullify any potential chances Molina has to land a big shot.

This fight won’t last long. Molina will most likely continue to get up, each time he is potentially knocked down by Anthony Joshua. It will end either by TKO with the ref or corner stepping in, or with Molina completely out of it. Anthony Joshua will win this & he will look good in doing this. Like Breazeale did, Molina will give a good account of himself.

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