Saturday, 31 December 2016

2017 Is Make Or Break for Anthony Joshua

2017 - The Year AJ Moves from Big UK Star to International Superstar

As Anthony Joshua sits in his Dubai palace hotel room tonight, he sits on the verge of global stardom in 2017. 2 wins in 2017 will promote AJ to superstar status. A loss will send this crushing down.

At the moment AJ is producing:

·      Enormous gates & PPV revenue in the UK.
·      He has signed multi million $ sponsorship deals (similar to those of Canelo). 
·      Showtime has signed AJ to a multi fight deal, however we are led to believe HBO will also be bidding on Klitschko vs Anthony Joshua broadcast rights. 
·      He is the fastest growing cash cow in the game.
·       AJ brings a very large female audience in support, not seen since the days of Oscar De La Hoya.

First Task: AJ takes on Wlad on the 29th of April at Wembley. Wlad will be 41 by the time he enters the ring and he would have had 18 months of inactivity. Anthony Joshua should get the task done. However this is a very DANGEROUS fight. No one is sure how much Wlad has left. Or how good Tyson Fury was in his win over Wlad, in which Fury's movement totally nullified the former unified champs offense.

Task #2: If AJ clinically beats Wladimir which is very possible, he becomes the legitimate #1 HW instantly. AJ will be at a crossroads. He will have to fight his IBF mandatory in Pulev, or he will delay that by unifying with Wilder. Unifications over rule mandatories. The smart money is on another unification bout with Wilder. The Wilder bout brings AJ HUGE Money & a total breakthrough into the lucrative US market. If he gets through Wilder AJ will be a global superstar. 

Provided AJ wins these two bouts he would be at the stage where he is breaking records in the UK with gate & PPV for his return fights. Those fights could include record breaking fights with Tyson Fury & David Haye. History will be written. AJ would also be close to PPV status in the USA. The Wilder fight will be enormous in how it plays out & how AJ potentially wins. A destructive knockout over Wilder would be seriously impressive & the American fight fans will take notice.

A loss in either bout brings AJ back to where he is now. A huge UK star. He won’t be able to breakthrough into the US market, if he loses any of these two bouts. But two wins & he’s right there to make history in future bouts.

2017 will prove to be the breakout year for a global superstar or a tough year for a UK star who wasn't able to crack the UK PPV market. 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Mysterious Case of David Haye’s Record

Since David Haye made his comeback to professional boxing we have noticed that a majority of fans view his CV at Heavyweight as weak.  In fact his achievements at Cruiserweight even come under criticism, so we have spent the past several days analyzing his wins & the circumstances around them, it’s a very interesting read.

Let’s start the analysis with the following:

David Haye vs Mormeck (2007). This was seen as a 50-50 fight by most boxing experts. Haye was bringing the firepower. But Mormeck was proven and the fight was in France. Mormeck brought 2 titles into this bout and it was a huge win for Haye. If you look throughout boxing forums, you will even see a majority of experts & posters predicted Mormeck to win this one. Haye got the job done in France as we know. 

Haye vs Macarinelli (2008).  Enzo brought his WBO title into this, making the bout for the WBO, WBA & WBC titles. Once again it was seen as a toss up fight. Enzo was known to have power & most industry experts had questions about Haye’s chin. Haye then went on to drill Macarinelli in a brutal performance. 

Haye vs Monte Barrett (2008). Haye was the odds on favorite for this one in his first fight at Heavyweight. Barrett was coming off an impressive win against the highly rated Tye Fields. It’s a solid first test at Heavyweight & it was a much tougher test than other CW’s who have moved up to HW had in their first fight.  E.G Adamek fought a WAY past prime version of Golota in his move up in weight. 

Haye vs Valuev (2009).  In his 2nd fight at Heavyweight Haye travelled to Germany to fight the giant Valuev for the WBA title. In this fight Haye was the favorite & around 75% of boxing fans felt he would win. However he did travel to his opponents backyard and managed to get the decision & a win against a physically huge opponent. 

Haye then made a mandatory defense against John Ruiz in 2010. As expected, Haye was the heavy favorite and he dismantled Ruiz with ease. This was an enforced fight, Haye had to make the defense or lose his title. 

While waiting for Wladimir Klitschko, Haye then went on to destroy Audley Harrison in a big money bout in the UK. Eddie Hearn was representing Harrison at the time & despite all the pre fight talk, Haye destroyed Harrison with ease. 

Then in 2011, Haye took on and lost to the #1 Heavyweight Wladimir Klitschko. At the time Wladimir was in his prime and the size difference was to much. Haye failed to get past the Wladimir jab. However he still took on the best in the division & once again he did it away from home. 

After taking some time away from boxing Haye then went on to fight Chisora in 2012 in a grudge match. Haye was the betting favorite but fans were split between picking who would win. It was close to 50-50 amongst boxing fans. At the time Chisora was a top 5 HW. Haye then went on to brutally stop Chisora, something no other Heavyweight has been able to do since. 

Since then Haye has fought a couple of tune up fights in De Mori & Gjergjaj & he’s booked in to fight Bellew in March. 

But in Summary we have the following:

-       A unification bout away from home which Haye won. 
-       A 50-50 unification fight at home which Haye won.
-       A tune up fight in his first fight at Heavyweight. 
-       A title win overseas in Germany at Heavyweight. 
-       Another unification fight away from home against the #1 Heavyweight. 
-       A win against a top 5 Heavyweight at home. 
-       A couple of tune up wins on his return. 

Haye’s CV is decent & there is still more to come. It’s amazing how his CV can be criticized. We currently have Heavyweight titlists who are yet to have one serious test. Haye has had several tests & they have often been away from home. 

Haye deserves credit. Especially in the current Heavyweight division which is up in the air. He is a proven performer & he can lift for the big fights. 2017 could be his year!