Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward Prediction & Facts

As we all know. Andre Ward faces Sergey Kovalev on the 19th of November in Las Vegas. The winner will have a serious argument for being P4P # 1. This fight is going to be fantastic. All boxing fans are getting excited as the bout comes closer with each day.


Kovalev is the much bigger puncher of the two.

Andre Ward has better speed, footwork and defense.

Kovalev has a slightly bigger reach but his biggest advantage is his range. He can get in and out of range lightning fast. Sergey can also throw punches from weird angles. Even off balance. And these punches still have serious power in them.

Ward hasn’t faced a fighter as powerful as Kovalev before.

Kovalev hasn’t faced a complete fighter like Andre Ward before.

Both fighters looked poor in past bouts. Ward dragged the under paid Brand 12 rounds & Kovalev won an uninspiring 12 round decision over the under rated Chilemba.

If this fight sells 200 000 PPV’s, it’s expected to be a success. Given the class on show for this bout, it would be a major disappointment if the PPV figures were less than this.

The promotion has had some spicy moments between the teams of both fighters, who aren’t exactly friends.


Everything says Andre Ward will win. He has done this time and time again. He hasn’t lost a fight since he was 13. But he does eventually have to lose. And we have written off Kovalev before. The Hopkins who Kovalev severely dismantled, had a fair bit left in the tank. The outcome of this bout is based on what game plan Sergey Kovalev brings to the ring. If he tries to box Ward, which so many have done in the past, he’s going to get schooled. If Kovalev comes in aggressively and constantly trades with Ward and stays on the front foot, it’s game on. With the right game plan Kovalev should be able to pull off a close UD. Smart money is on Ward to put on another clinic. But the power factor is with Kovalev. Providing Sergey starts fast and aggressively which he has to, he should get a close UD win.

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  1. You are assuming that Ward will be able to withstand Kovalev's power and totally ignoring the possibility of a Kovalev stoppage. That is a serious mistake and if Ward is making the same assumption, he will be in for one hell of a serious beating. Kovalev does not fight to reach a decision, he wants to destroy the man in front of him. I think many people are selling him short by thinking Ward, who has done nothing spectacular at all in the past FOUR almost FIVE YEARS, is still the fighter he once was and will be able to avoid or withstand Kovalev's power for 12 rounds.

    Big mistake.