Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Information on Lucas Browne vs Shannon Briggs. Heading to UK?

As we all know the WBA has ordered Lucas Browne to fight Shannon Briggs for the WBA regular title. Here are some facts:

·      The fight needs to take place before the 31st of December. So it realistically would only be 6 weeks away since the bout will take place before Christmas.

·      The fight represents a huge opportunity for Shannon Briggs. Who is the best self promoter in boxing. Briggs sells merchandize, aps & everything you can think of. Shannon has invented “Let’s go champ” which has gone global.

·      The money to make this bout happen isn’t to much. It’s probably less than a $1M US fight. Possibly substantially less than this. The fight won’t happen in the US, as no major network will pick it up. The Australian boxing scene is practically empty, so it likely won’t take place there. Both Browne and Briggs have big followings in the UK, so the smart money is on the bout happening there. Why not on the AJ vs Molina bill? Our bet is a UK promoter will pick this up and put it on a relevant card. 

·      This fight is going to be very interesting early. Briggs will come into this bout aggressively & he will try to end it fast. Browne showed fantastic stamina in the Chagaev bout. It’s a close fight, hard to pick a winner. And the lead up will be a classic, as it involves Briggs.

While this bout doesn't include the two best Heavyweight's. It includes two top 10 Heavyweights who always come to fight & two fighters who will produce a classic promotion. 


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