Saturday, 1 October 2016

Parker vs Dimitrenko Live RBR Commentary

For RBR updates to Parker vs Dimitrenko. Simply keep this page open and Refresh it every few minutes. We will be providing detailed updates live. 

Jackson vs Morgan has been a fantastic fight so far. High tempo. Remember Jackson when he fought in a spirited loss to Anthony Mundine on limited notice. Nice fight this. 

Morgan vs Jackson goes 8. Stunning fight. Worth watching the replay fight freaks. 

Parker & Dimitrenko are ready for there ring walks. Stay watching this space. Simply Refresh every 2 minutes for updates.

Dimitrenko's odds have come in big time with late money on him. Commentators still talking as ring walk is only minutes away. 

Dimitrenko is walking to the ring with an awesome Russian song. Sounds cool. No idea what the words are. 

Round 1 - Dimitrenko dropped and hurt big time at the end of the round. This won't last long. Dimi landed jabs early. Parker was brutal. Hurt him multiple times. Parker looks awesome. 

Round 2 - Dimitrenko has started round 2 aggressively. But Joe’s handspeed is just to much. Dimi has felt the power here. Dimi is hurt again with another right hand. This won’t last long. Dimitrenko seems game though. Coming forward. Parker is breathing heavy as usual. Dimitrenko hurt with two right hands and dimitrenko is down again. 1 minute left in round 2.  Dimitrenko down again. 3rd time. Complaining about the back of the head but he’s getting caught clean. 10-7.

Round 3- Round 3 – Dimitrenko throwing big right hands trying to land. Parker goes to the body. And he just hurt Dimitrenko with a jab. Dimitrenko landed a nice left hand. Got dropped.

When Dimitrenko was down. Parker hit him. Dimitrenko played it. Replays suggest it was a clear foul and Parker hit Dimitrenko when he was down. It is a stoppage win for Parker. Bad ending though. Fight was so one sided. 

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  1. OT: This is so mesmerizing and inspiring.. Please watch to see the real man.. Manny Pacquiao #TeamPacquiao #PeoplesChamp