Friday, 28 October 2016

Lucas Browne : A True Fighter With A Simple Motive

Over the past few weeks I have had fantastic interactions with Team Browne. Lucas Browne is back & that is after beating a controversial conviction in court. Lucas is now free to box. As per the court ruling Browne will be fighting for the title he won against Chagaev. Browne conquered all odds winning that title, in what is simply a highly under rated fight. Check it out on Youtube. It's action packed. 

Now what’s refreshing about team Browne is this. It’s not about money for them. It’s not about winning the title again and then defending the belt in mismatches or sure things. It’s simply about getting his belt back and then fighting the biggest fights out there. It’s great to see. Browne is getting on in age, however he will have big fights in front of him. He also runs the best social media account in boxing. Nearly all fans get replies & a few get blocked, however it keeps him highly relevant

So in the current heavyweight division, which can only be described as messy. How refreshing is it to see a fighter who lives in the gym & a guy who just wants to fight. Kind of like an old school throw back fighter. If only we had more Browne's at Heavyweight. 


  1. Lucas being champ (again) will be good for boxing.
    He hasnt seemed to duck anyone, not even James Toney !
    It will hold him in good stead too. If you look at the other champions
    Wilder and Joshua, have these guys fought anyone at Toney's experience level ?
    thats what you get when your an independent . Those guys are managed and protected.
    I would like to see Lucas fight Haye next.

  2. also another great thing about Lucas is he's a real down to earth person
    cant wait to see him fight wilder and joshua,
    he'd be an underdog against those guys
    but the thing people dont see is that lucas has been in with guys better than any guys
    those two have been in with. name the best two guys these guys hvae been in with ?
    none of them match up to toney
    the only tough fight for lucas would be klitschko
    fury vs lucas would be interesting too but i think lucas's tenacity would
    chop fury down ... that is another great fight to look forrward to
    this artricle is awesome . i hope its true that lucas just goes for the big fights.
    go for the big fights, entertain the fans, history is made and the money will
    come by itself.
    good job mr brown ! :)