Saturday, 29 October 2016

Floyd Mayweather Jr To Return on the 11th of February?

This week we have received word from several credible sources that Floyd Mayweather Jr could possibly be back on the 11th of February. This won’t be inside the ring fighting an opponent, but it’s understood that Floyd could possibly be the head trainer for Adrien Broner for the Granados bout. This would represent Floyd’s first fight in control of Broner’s corner.

The move could be a masterpiece. Despite a series of disappointing losses Broner has always drew in large audiences and adding Floyd to that team will seriously heat up the press Adrien receives. It will also be great to get Floyd’s interpretations of fights and see how he breaks fights down in the corner. Floyd is known to have a ridiculously high ring IQ. Broner has also set up camp in Floyd’s Las Vegas gym.

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