Friday, 7 October 2016

Boxing Kingdom Merchandize Information!

Well we have been open about our long term plans since day 1. We really aren’t in this to become millionaires. (All those involved with boxing kingdom have jobs on the side and this is more of  a hobby). We have begun selling merchandize. Our merchandize can be found at the link below.

The revenue from these sales is split between ourselves & teemill to begin with. (Teemil produce all the merchandize and deliver it). 

We will then split revenue between

-       Our designer.
-       A contributing member overseas.
-       We will then cover overheads.

The rest of the money which will be a SUBSTANTIAL (A Majority) chunk. Will go towards:

-       Gifts and prizes for followers.
-       Potentially to fundraisers for good initiatives. E.G injured fighters who need help. Or something along those lines.

As always we are totally transparent with what we are doing.

We appreciate all the support. It would be great if you could buy some merchandize. Keep contributing to our fantastic page. Let’s continue to make boxing better & bigger.


  1. Keep up the good work guys! I love the conversations you's provoke about boxing and also the commitment you's show in delivering insider knowledge on upcoming fights or fighter news in general. Love the blog love the Twitter account keep the momentum going!
    Kind Regards, Brad Alger

    1. Thanks for your support and love you share with us from all of us Boxingkingdom14,Edgarceverino