Friday, 21 October 2016

Trash Talk from the WBO President? Not Cool

This week at the WBO boxing convention in Puerto Rico some interesting comments were released to the media. The WBO president mentioned he has no doubt Canelo would knock Floyd out in the rematch if it ever took place.

A couple of questions need to be asked:

  Why is a man in a power position getting involved in trash talk involving two fighters? 

  Statements about GGG rejecting Andre Ward were also made. Once again. Why?

In summary it’s simply a bad look for the sanctioning body that the top guy is making these comments. This is trash talk which should only involve fighters and fighters teams. Not an actual sanctioning body leader. 

At the moment the WBC has the most legitimacy. I couldn't imagine Mauricio Sulaiman making these comments. Sulaiman has had a fantastic year with the WBC flourishing. The WBC anti drug testing procedures which are fully funded by the sanctioning body is an amazing act to clean up the sport. 

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