Saturday, 29 October 2016

Shannon Briggs Being Considered For Lucas Browne Bout

Over the past 24 hours Shannon Briggs has been thrown into the WBA mix. Briggs is now being considered to face Lucas Browne for the WBA interim title. The move could be a big one for team Briggs who have been struggling to narrow down a big fight since the Haye bout fell through. Briggs is in shape and is currently ripped and ready to go.

Briggs who earns well outside the ring with his various business ventures including aps, merchandize and public appearances, is eager for one last pay day and a defining win. A win over Browne would put Briggs on the path of some mega money fights specifically in the UK.

Floyd Mayweather Jr To Return on the 11th of February?

This week we have received word from several credible sources that Floyd Mayweather Jr could possibly be back on the 11th of February. This won’t be inside the ring fighting an opponent, but it’s understood that Floyd could possibly be the head trainer for Adrien Broner for the Granados bout. This would represent Floyd’s first fight in control of Broner’s corner.

The move could be a masterpiece. Despite a series of disappointing losses Broner has always drew in large audiences and adding Floyd to that team will seriously heat up the press Adrien receives. It will also be great to get Floyd’s interpretations of fights and see how he breaks fights down in the corner. Floyd is known to have a ridiculously high ring IQ. Broner has also set up camp in Floyd’s Las Vegas gym.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Lucas Browne : A True Fighter With A Simple Motive

Over the past few weeks I have had fantastic interactions with Team Browne. Lucas Browne is back & that is after beating a controversial conviction in court. Lucas is now free to box. As per the court ruling Browne will be fighting for the title he won against Chagaev. Browne conquered all odds winning that title, in what is simply a highly under rated fight. Check it out on Youtube. It's action packed. 

Now what’s refreshing about team Browne is this. It’s not about money for them. It’s not about winning the title again and then defending the belt in mismatches or sure things. It’s simply about getting his belt back and then fighting the biggest fights out there. It’s great to see. Browne is getting on in age, however he will have big fights in front of him. He also runs the best social media account in boxing. Nearly all fans get replies & a few get blocked, however it keeps him highly relevant

So in the current heavyweight division, which can only be described as messy. How refreshing is it to see a fighter who lives in the gym & a guy who just wants to fight. Kind of like an old school throw back fighter. If only we had more Browne's at Heavyweight. 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Anthony Joshua vs Eric Molina Tickets & Fight Information December 10th Manchester

Eric Molina is currently on a plane to the UK to announce his fight with Anthony Joshua on December 10th in Manchester. The bout is a last minute replacement after the dream bout between AJ vs Klitschko fell through. Despite the heavy criticism, Molina isn’t a bad opponent. Molina comes to fight and he’s been in camp for the last 2 weeks in case he got the call up. Anthony Joshua will win, but Molina definitely has the commitment and power to test AJ. Molina is coming off an impressive KO win against Adamek in Poland.

Monday, 24 October 2016

October was a month of Mess & Mayhem for the Heavyweight Division

The Heavyweight division is booming, however October produced a completely strange sequence of events which left fans frustrated. Big fights fell through. Big fights were announced. It was complete Mayhem.


-       For weeks boxings leading promoter Eddie Hearn promised fans that the deal for AJ vs Klitschko was close.  Both team Joshua & Klitschko had compromised and all that was left for the WBA was to sanction the fight. That is easy enough right?
-       A simple yes or no vote by the WBA was expected to be ruled upon 3 weeks ago, yet nothing came. It seemed like a certainty that AJ vs Klitschko would be sanctioned for the WBA title, yet out of left field. TEAM KLITSCHKO approached Lucas Browne. The money on offer was expected to be around the $1M mark, which didn't work since Leapai was offered $1.3M a couple of years before.
-       So we have arrived here. Why the heck did team Klitschko approach Browne? One of two reasons, logic suggests. 1) He didn’t fancy the fight with Joshua. 2) Team Klitschko knew the WBA wouldn’t have sanctioned the Joshua bout. Now if team Klitschko knew, how is that acceptable that team Joshua were not informed? It’s all suspicious. It makes no sense.
-       Now AJ is left to fight Browne, Jennings or Molina. Jennings doesn’t deserve the shot, he has had a poor past 2 years. Browne is coming off a big win vs Chagaev & Molina is coming off a big win in Poland vs Adamek. Both are decent opponents. But after promising fans the Wlad fight was nearly done, these fights are seen as mismatches. AJ vs Price also won’t be accepted with nearly 75% of our followers voting it’s a huge mismatch.

Now things got even weirder. The WBO approved Ruiz Jr vs Parker for the vacant title. That fight will likely be done in Auckland for December 10th. The fight in our opinion is a horrible mismatch and Parker will absolutely demolish Ruiz Jr. Now it gets even more bizarre. The winner of this fight has to fight  David Haye within 120 days. Haye would likely start as favorite against both and this also means Haye will get a shot against either before April 10th.

So Instead of getting Wlad vs AJ or Parker vs AJ straight up. We are now getting weird mismatches. But the golden news is Haye will fight Parker down the track, which will be a FUN & great fight.

To make the news even more bizarre. Wlad has now pulled out of the Dec 10 fight date with a slight hamstring injury. 

Wlad is 40, by the time he fights again he would have been out of the ring for 18 months. Whoever gets him next will likely get very lucky. Wlad relies on activity and given his age, he won't be the same fighter he once was in his next bout. 

The poorest thing about this all has been how limited the information from Wlad’s team has been. He has kept his fans in the dark. Eddie Hearn on the other hand has actually kept the fans informed.  

It makes no sense. As boxing often does.