Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Fun Facts About GGG vs Brook

GGG vs Brook : Fun Facts

Wladimir Klitschko will be ring side for the bout. The Klitschko brothers actually own the promotional company K2, which promotes GGG. Impressive isn’t it. The Klitschko brothers are extremely intelligent.
  Eddie Hearn is extremely nervous leading up to this bout. He has confided several other top fighters such as Froch, who has re-assured him that Kell Brook is a real chance in this fight.

  Team GGG seem a little bit uneasy over the past 48 hours. GGG’s team seem reluctant to do over the top media duties.
  Brook looks fast at the weight. In the open media workout he impressed a lot of boxing pundits who now see him as a threat to the long reigning MW beast GGG.
  Shawn Porter who faced Brook , believes the Englishmen is extremely strong and he will be competitive with GGG.
  Other major fighters such as Andre Berto & others are picking a clear GGG win.
  Brook is expected to make around $5M US for this fight and GGG’s purse is expected to exceed $10M US. A mega money fight for both fighters, which easily presents career high pay days.
Not to long now. Let’s enjoy this fight. 

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