Friday, 16 September 2016

How did the GGG Duck Impact Canelo’s Draw?

Yes we all know. Canelo ducked GGG in one of the most blatant ducks in modern boxing history. Everyone including myself is currently wondering, how much did this impact Canelo, his fan base? Financially? His image?

It seems to have had a minor impact, if that. The attendance for Canelo vs Smith is set to be huge. And believe me, Smith isn’t bringing many people at all. So what about all the people criticizing Canelo? In the US? In Mexico? In Europe? Well, do they even have an impact on the fighters earnings?

Are these fans actually PPV buyers or ticket purchasers or are these people just regular critics who look for streams? It seems as though these fans for now aren’t having much of an impact at all. The attendance for Smith vs Canelo is set to be massive. Canelo’s PPV figures will impress. This is in a market where the last two PPV mega stars have failed in their final fights, apart from when they fought each other.

So Maybe Oscar has this one right? Maybe this won’t impact Canelo much at all. Does Canelo even check his twitter? Do the comments hurt him?

I beg to differ. And while it’s disappointing. Maybe Canelo is a bigger star then we ever realized. And maybe it would take a series of ducks to drop his fan base. Canelo will fight GGG next year. All that we know is, the gate for Canelo vs Smith will show evidence that this Mexican is the cash cow of boxing.

It seems as though Canelo's fan base is so loyal, that they have eaten up every PR release which has defended Canelo. Which has promised to fight GGG next year. Which has denied he blatantly ducked GGG. 

Maybe it's the fact that Media strategies can be more powerful than in ring results. Just look how Floyd went global. Yet GGG's sold 97 000 PPV's in a fight in which he was seen as having a serious threat (David Lemeiux).

As much as we hate to say it. Canelo is boxings biggest star. He's bigger than a belt. He's also bigger than GGG. As unjust as that may sound, that is the truth. 

Canelo will fight Smith this weekend. He may impress. He may not. But the fact is, he's still printing money while avoiding the biggest fight in boxing. 

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