Friday, 16 September 2016

My Discussion with a Mexican on Canelo. It was entertaining.

One of our loyal followers who speaks Spanish used a translator this week to have a conversation with myself and our second writer about what has happened to Canelo in Mexico this week. This loyal follower mentioned that he was frustrated by the constant PR releases which continue to follow Canelo and the hype which continues to build, despite avoiding the GGG bout.

After a 20 minute discussion we both came to the realization that Canelo was bigger than we ever thought. In Mexico and across the world. Despite tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands being upset with Canelo. We both agreed that millions of loyal followers remain.

How did this happen?


Canelo has been promoted so heavily and so good over the past decade that his image has been reinforced across the global population like propaganda. And it has been extremely successful. Canelo’s image is nearly impossible to impact. For every fan shouting abuse at Canelo in the open workouts for the Smith bout, 300 applaud and cheer the popular Mexican.

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  1. After being positive for Benzoylecgonine a chemical in cocaine it bring into question how long he been using before Tyson FURY got caught by VADA?