Friday, 23 September 2016

Anthony Crolla vs Jorge Linares Fight Prediction & Full Video

Crolla vs Linares Is Here : Days Away

We are only days away from Crolla vs Linares and our prediction is now live.  This fight shouldn’t be close. Linares should win this. That’s if we are talking about talent vs talent. However Crolla brings SERIOUS MOMENTUM into this fight. He just dismantled the heavily feared Barroso which came after a great performance in the Perez rematch.

Linares, we all know. He was seen as the rising star of boxing for several years before a few devastating TKO losses. He has recovered since then and he’s starting to become the fighter we knew he could be. Linares has also won in the UK before, getting the better of the game Kevin Mitchell.

Linares will start fast. He will win round after round early on. But Crolla will break Linares down from the middle of the fight. Expect Crolla to close the show with a mid to late round stoppage win. Crolla should be able to break Linares down to the body, which will then lead to opportunities upstairs. Crolla by TKO in the 9th.

Another stunning win, for Crolla. Crolla's career is speeding ahead with MOMENTUM, which is attraction attention everywhere!

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