Friday, 23 September 2016

Tyson Fury Mental Health Issues & Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye 2

In the past few hours Tyson Fury has withdrawn from the Wladimir Klitschko rematch due to mental health issues. We would like to express our support and wishes for Tyson to make a fast recovery. Tyson has produced troubled quotes over the past year especially in the face off for the rematch on UK TV and the boxing community probably should have reacted quicker. Spare a thought for Fury’s team. It must have been frustrating, unsure if pulling Tyson out was the right thing to do up until when they were forced to. Hopefully we see Tyson back in the ring in 2018. If we don’t, he can always say he’s been Heavyweight champion of the world.

Now the Heavyweight division will open up.

We will likely see WBA & WBO titles being vacated and the following fights can occur:

Wladimir: Being a former champion and having such a high ranking, Wlad will have the first option to pursue the vacant titles. Wlad will probably be able to fight Ustinov for the WBA full title or Haye for the WBO full title. Wlad will likely pursue Haye and the rematch will probably go ahead In Germany.

As for the WBA. Browne is facing Oquendo. Ortiz is out with contract issues and he missed a deadline for the Ustinov bout. So we predict Ustinov will be allowed to face the winner of Browne vs Oquendo for the full title. He may also fight someone else for the full title but then be mandated to fight the Browne vs Oquendo winner immediately after.

This does lead to some fun match ups. The Heavyweight division is stacked with talent.

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Anthony Crolla vs Jorge Linares Fight Prediction & Full Video

Crolla vs Linares Is Here : Days Away

We are only days away from Crolla vs Linares and our prediction is now live.  This fight shouldn’t be close. Linares should win this. That’s if we are talking about talent vs talent. However Crolla brings SERIOUS MOMENTUM into this fight. He just dismantled the heavily feared Barroso which came after a great performance in the Perez rematch.

Linares, we all know. He was seen as the rising star of boxing for several years before a few devastating TKO losses. He has recovered since then and he’s starting to become the fighter we knew he could be. Linares has also won in the UK before, getting the better of the game Kevin Mitchell.

Linares will start fast. He will win round after round early on. But Crolla will break Linares down from the middle of the fight. Expect Crolla to close the show with a mid to late round stoppage win. Crolla should be able to break Linares down to the body, which will then lead to opportunities upstairs. Crolla by TKO in the 9th.

Another stunning win, for Crolla. Crolla's career is speeding ahead with MOMENTUM, which is attraction attention everywhere!

Hughie Fury vs Anthony Joshua Re-Visited & Tyson Fury is Overweight It Seems?

In a fantastic revelation last night Peter Fury has admitted that he has given the green light for Hughie Fury to face Anthony Joshua in November. The sequence of events seems to be Eddie Hearn emailing Peter Fury regarding the bout. Once Peter Fury approved the bout, this has then moved to financial negotiations between Eddie Hearn & Mick Hennessy. This won’t be easy, however the major hurdle has been passed. This comes as Pulev and Stiverne have turned down huge purses to fight AJ, to fight smaller bouts. Shows how highly they rate AJ!

Concerns are mounting on the shape of Tyson Fury, just five weeks out from the Wladimir Klitschko rematch. The bout which is significant for the world boxing scene may fail to live up to expectations before the first bell rings. If Tyson Fury is out of shape like the photos show, which were SUPPOSEDLY taken last week, then fans will be left disappointed. We had tipped Tyson to win the rematch via late TKO, however if he is in poor shape and goes ahead with the fight, Wlad will win this by devastating KO and possibly very early.

Begs the question, did Fury not show up to the press conference because he’s not in shape? That would have been a serious turn off for fans and broadcasters.Who knows……..

This was our prediction for the rematch! 

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Friday, 16 September 2016

My Discussion with a Mexican on Canelo. It was entertaining.

One of our loyal followers who speaks Spanish used a translator this week to have a conversation with myself and our second writer about what has happened to Canelo in Mexico this week. This loyal follower mentioned that he was frustrated by the constant PR releases which continue to follow Canelo and the hype which continues to build, despite avoiding the GGG bout.

After a 20 minute discussion we both came to the realization that Canelo was bigger than we ever thought. In Mexico and across the world. Despite tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands being upset with Canelo. We both agreed that millions of loyal followers remain.

How did this happen?


Canelo has been promoted so heavily and so good over the past decade that his image has been reinforced across the global population like propaganda. And it has been extremely successful. Canelo’s image is nearly impossible to impact. For every fan shouting abuse at Canelo in the open workouts for the Smith bout, 300 applaud and cheer the popular Mexican.

How did the GGG Duck Impact Canelo’s Draw?

Yes we all know. Canelo ducked GGG in one of the most blatant ducks in modern boxing history. Everyone including myself is currently wondering, how much did this impact Canelo, his fan base? Financially? His image?

It seems to have had a minor impact, if that. The attendance for Canelo vs Smith is set to be huge. And believe me, Smith isn’t bringing many people at all. So what about all the people criticizing Canelo? In the US? In Mexico? In Europe? Well, do they even have an impact on the fighters earnings?

Are these fans actually PPV buyers or ticket purchasers or are these people just regular critics who look for streams? It seems as though these fans for now aren’t having much of an impact at all. The attendance for Smith vs Canelo is set to be massive. Canelo’s PPV figures will impress. This is in a market where the last two PPV mega stars have failed in their final fights, apart from when they fought each other.

So Maybe Oscar has this one right? Maybe this won’t impact Canelo much at all. Does Canelo even check his twitter? Do the comments hurt him?

I beg to differ. And while it’s disappointing. Maybe Canelo is a bigger star then we ever realized. And maybe it would take a series of ducks to drop his fan base. Canelo will fight GGG next year. All that we know is, the gate for Canelo vs Smith will show evidence that this Mexican is the cash cow of boxing.

It seems as though Canelo's fan base is so loyal, that they have eaten up every PR release which has defended Canelo. Which has promised to fight GGG next year. Which has denied he blatantly ducked GGG. 

Maybe it's the fact that Media strategies can be more powerful than in ring results. Just look how Floyd went global. Yet GGG's sold 97 000 PPV's in a fight in which he was seen as having a serious threat (David Lemeiux).

As much as we hate to say it. Canelo is boxings biggest star. He's bigger than a belt. He's also bigger than GGG. As unjust as that may sound, that is the truth. 

Canelo will fight Smith this weekend. He may impress. He may not. But the fact is, he's still printing money while avoiding the biggest fight in boxing.