Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Latest on the Klitschko vs Fury Rematch Mess

The Latest on the Klitschko vs Fury Rematch Mess

The only word that can be used to describe the series of negotiation failures, UKAD allegations  & disputes between Team Klitschko & Team Fury is ‘MESSY’. 

Here is the latest:

  • -      According to Boente & Wladmir Klitschko. Team Klitschko will be taking Team Fury to court in Germany over violations of the rematch contract. This contract was signed a long time ago & the allegations are that Team Fury were requesting clauses be changed, despite the contract already being signed. The strangest thing about this is no official legal action has been launched yet. (Scare Tactic?)
  • -      Team Fury are saying October 29th is still the date.
  • -      Those who have already purchased tickets are being told no date has been set!
  • -      Fury is on limited time. He has to fight soon or the belts could be stripped.
  • -      David Haye is high up on the WBA & WBO rankings & the strange thing is, he has been quiet as of late. Despite having a big money bout with Briggs already close to done, Haye is waiting. The only thing Haye is waiting for is a big fight. If Tyson was stripped due to circumstances, Wlad could potentially be re-instated as full champion or he could face David Haye for one of the full titles, which would be either the WBA or WBO. My guess would be David Haye could rematch Wladimir Klitschko for the full WBO title in Germany. According to reports team Klitschko already have dates and arenas saved as backup, in case the Fury rematch doesn’t happen at all.

It’s a complete guessing game to predict when the rematch happens or if it happens. We can say for sure, the October date is very very very unlikely. By the time the legal process is completed, Klitschko & Fury will be lucky if they fight again before the end of 2016.

I think we can all agree. Just hurry up and fight. No one cares about this drama. Get on with it. We are boxing fans. We want to see action. If you are reading this on Twitter, please give us a retweet.

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