Monday, 22 August 2016

Errol Spence Jr Financial Net Worth & Purses

Errol Spence Jr is the name everyone is talking about. He’s the rising superstar who has everything. Speed. Power. Footwork & most importantly a good head on his shoulders. Spence Jr just destroyed Bundu in a fight that many predicted would last 12 rounds. The only thing that happened was Spence Jr brutally knocked out the game Italian in six one sided rounds.

Spence Jr earnt $250 000 for the Bundu bout and his net worth is expected to range between $1-2M. Spence Jr will earn massive money. Unlike Floyd Mayweather Jr Spence Jr speaks professionally and he’s likely to attract commercial sponsors. Combine that with an impending future on pay per view, the sky is the limit for Spence Jr’s earning potential.

Spence Jr earnt $250K on Wednesday night against Bundu and that seems to be a little lower than market value. The reason is he was on PBC and it comes at a time when that company is reducing purses for all major fighters, after giving huge purses early on.

Ask me this question in 2 years time and you will see Spence Jr earning some serious money. As always though he needs to stay focused, something that is difficult with boxers who find themselves richer and more famous than they ever thought they would be.
Spence Jr financial net worth in 2016 = $1-$2M USD.

Largest purses include $225K against Algieri & $250K against Bundu.


  1. Spence jr should be fight highly ranked opponents that is the only way his going to make serious money crawford,danny García,Keith thurman and many more in the welter weight división.

  2. In boxing if you great you need to take healty risk period .