Sunday, 14 August 2016

Margarito vs Canelo Alvarez Could Be Soon

Antonio Margarito vs Ramon Alvarez. Is Canelo next?

Antonio Margarito won via split decision over Ramon Alvarez last night in a fun & limited bout. Margarito is seriously faded & Alvarez was never quite elite, however both styles meshed well. It was close early with Margarito breaking ahead in the mid rounds, before Alvarez finished strong in the 10th. All in all it was quite fun to watch with both fighters being caught with serious leather and landing constant combinations in return.

This sets up the script for Canelo Alvarez vs Antonio Margarito which is being whispered to happen in late 2016 or early 2017. Despite being a monster miss match, this bout would generate some serious money in Mexico. It could be seen as a big $ tune up or stay busy fight. Canelo would avenge his brohters loss. While we won’t be looking forward to this one, it does make business sense if it happens.

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