Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Gervonta Davis Net Worth & Career Pay Days

Gervonta Davis Net Worth & Career Pay Days 

Gervonta Davis is one of the rising stars of boxing. His nickname is the tank and rightfully so. Gervonta is 16-0, only 21 years of age and he is scheduled to fight Jason Sosa for the WBA world super featherweight title in his next bout. At the moment Davis & Floyd Mayweather, his promoter seem to be at odds. It’s not clear whether Davis isn’t happy with the salary being offered or talked about for the fight or when the fight will take place. Davis has come out with several recent comments on twitter which are leading fans to believe the fight may not take place. It likely will though and Davis will likely win. Nearly everyone who has seen this guy train or fight knows he is one of the brightest stars in boxing. Keep a close eye on Gervonta, he can make some noise over the coming years. 

Currently Davis has an estimated net worth of $200K and he is earning between $25 - $50K per fight. This is based on online reports. Don’t take much notice of these figures though, it’s not long at all until he will be earning million dollar purses, provided he keeps winning in destructive fashion.

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