Thursday, 11 August 2016

Anthony Joshua vs Hughie Fury : What Happened?

Anthony Joshua vs Hughie Fury : What Happened?

This week Peter Fury made clear that Hughie Fury would happily face Anthony Joshua in November. He made this clear to Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn over twitter! Hearn would have been excited!! Any clash between a Fury & Anthony Joshua is mega money. The Fury’s bring serious entertainment and Anthony Joshua has huge drawing power. It would be close to a super fight in the UK. And that’s without any considerable risk to AJ, who would be a heavy favorite to win that fight.

So what happened?

Well Fury’s team made sure the negotiations didn’t happen. The call out was for publicity. Quite smart. It got thousands of fans talking about Hughie vs AJ. All of a sudden with no recent fight, Hughie’s name was in the news again. As with the case of Eubank Jr, even though it’s bad media attention, attention is attention. Controversy sells, hatred sells. It did generate interest.

Hughie & AJ will fight each other before they have finished their careers. It’s worth remembering how young Hughie is. Many people are asking why isn’t he stepping up? Well he has been slowly. The guy is only 21.

But all in all it was a serious let down. The hopes of UK boxing fans got lifted and dropped within days. Peter Fury did get one up on AJ & Hearn. AJ who is currently holidaying in a mansion in Thailand even dropped a tweet asking for only serious contenders to mention his name.

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