Monday, 29 August 2016

No Vada Testing for Canelo vs Liam Smith

The Vada Testing website is reporting that Canelo Alvarez vs Liam Smith which is scheduled for September 17th will have no random testing. This is a shock and a change, many are wondering why this is the case? Considering the magnitude of this bout in terms of revenue, having Vada would be a very small cost in the overall scheme of things. This news has been reported over the past couple of days. 

Canelo is expected to defeat Liam Smith in this bout, however making 154 lbs isn't easy for Canelo. It will be very interesting to see how this fight plays out. Canelo is currently receiving mass criticism from global boxing fans over his recent decision to vacate the WBC Middleweight belt, rather than face GGG in the biggest money fight the sport has at the moment. 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

David Haye vs Shannon Briggs Fight Update

Our twitter is being hammered at the moment with questions around David Haye vs Briggs. Why isn't the fight happening? We get a lot of negative comments towards Haye for this, however Haye is recently going through a divorce. Boxing isn't everything. Haye will be taking time off and he's currently on holidays. We hope Haye can get his personal life back in order so he can then make a return to the ring. Please keep personal situations of fighters in mind also. 

We can't see Haye returning to the ring anytime soon. Expect to see him back in early 2017. 

If you are a David Haye fan. Read our prediction on his future bouts against Fury & Joshua.

Hughie Fury vs Duhaupas & Andy Ruiz Jr Looms Next

Team Fury have announced that Hughie Fury is only weeks, if not days away from announcing Hughie Fury's biggest fight yet. Contracts have been exchanged and the opponent will either be Johann Duhaupas or Andy Ruiz Jr. It's very likely it will be Johann Duhaupas since Andy Ruiz Jr has a fight against Franklin Lawrence in a couple of weeks (however he should win that well). 

Both Duhap & Andy Ruiz Jr are fantastic challenges for the young Hughie Fury.  The bout could also be an IBF eliminator. More will come out soon. 

Hughie is finally stepping up and a new Heavyweight star from the UK could be on the rise, in an already sensational division. 

The Status of Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko 2 : Tickets & Purse

In a fantastic interview with BaylorICTV boxing channel which is very very lengthy, Peter Fury mentioned that Tyson Fury & Wladimir Klitschko should be able to resolve their differences soon and the fight will go ahead as normal. Fury also admitted he understands the frustrations of fans, however his team are under strict legal advice which restricts what they can tell the media and the fans.

Another key point in the interview is how Peter Fury mentioned the positive tests of Hughie & Tyson Fury were later examined in more detail and both were cleared. This was then supposedly followed with a catch up with the UKAD who gave Tyson & Hughie advice on their diet and how to stop minor positive tests in the future. (Sounds like it’s far from a PED case, rather a diet / nutrition problem which is common).

So Fury vs Klitschko 2 looks like going ahead as normal. It was great to finally hear some information from team Fury.

The full interview can be found here. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Gervonta Davis Net Worth & Career Pay Days

Gervonta Davis Net Worth & Career Pay Days 

Gervonta Davis is one of the rising stars of boxing. His nickname is the tank and rightfully so. Gervonta is 16-0, only 21 years of age and he is scheduled to fight Jason Sosa for the WBA world super featherweight title in his next bout. At the moment Davis & Floyd Mayweather, his promoter seem to be at odds. It’s not clear whether Davis isn’t happy with the salary being offered or talked about for the fight or when the fight will take place. Davis has come out with several recent comments on twitter which are leading fans to believe the fight may not take place. It likely will though and Davis will likely win. Nearly everyone who has seen this guy train or fight knows he is one of the brightest stars in boxing. Keep a close eye on Gervonta, he can make some noise over the coming years. 

Currently Davis has an estimated net worth of $200K and he is earning between $25 - $50K per fight. This is based on online reports. Don’t take much notice of these figures though, it’s not long at all until he will be earning million dollar purses, provided he keeps winning in destructive fashion.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Errol Spence Jr Financial Net Worth & Purses

Errol Spence Jr is the name everyone is talking about. He’s the rising superstar who has everything. Speed. Power. Footwork & most importantly a good head on his shoulders. Spence Jr just destroyed Bundu in a fight that many predicted would last 12 rounds. The only thing that happened was Spence Jr brutally knocked out the game Italian in six one sided rounds.

Spence Jr earnt $250 000 for the Bundu bout and his net worth is expected to range between $1-2M. Spence Jr will earn massive money. Unlike Floyd Mayweather Jr Spence Jr speaks professionally and he’s likely to attract commercial sponsors. Combine that with an impending future on pay per view, the sky is the limit for Spence Jr’s earning potential.

Spence Jr earnt $250K on Wednesday night against Bundu and that seems to be a little lower than market value. The reason is he was on PBC and it comes at a time when that company is reducing purses for all major fighters, after giving huge purses early on.

Ask me this question in 2 years time and you will see Spence Jr earning some serious money. As always though he needs to stay focused, something that is difficult with boxers who find themselves richer and more famous than they ever thought they would be.
Spence Jr financial net worth in 2016 = $1-$2M USD.

Largest purses include $225K against Algieri & $250K against Bundu.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Latest on the Klitschko vs Fury Rematch Mess

The Latest on the Klitschko vs Fury Rematch Mess

The only word that can be used to describe the series of negotiation failures, UKAD allegations  & disputes between Team Klitschko & Team Fury is ‘MESSY’. 

Here is the latest:

  • -      According to Boente & Wladmir Klitschko. Team Klitschko will be taking Team Fury to court in Germany over violations of the rematch contract. This contract was signed a long time ago & the allegations are that Team Fury were requesting clauses be changed, despite the contract already being signed. The strangest thing about this is no official legal action has been launched yet. (Scare Tactic?)
  • -      Team Fury are saying October 29th is still the date.
  • -      Those who have already purchased tickets are being told no date has been set!
  • -      Fury is on limited time. He has to fight soon or the belts could be stripped.
  • -      David Haye is high up on the WBA & WBO rankings & the strange thing is, he has been quiet as of late. Despite having a big money bout with Briggs already close to done, Haye is waiting. The only thing Haye is waiting for is a big fight. If Tyson was stripped due to circumstances, Wlad could potentially be re-instated as full champion or he could face David Haye for one of the full titles, which would be either the WBA or WBO. My guess would be David Haye could rematch Wladimir Klitschko for the full WBO title in Germany. According to reports team Klitschko already have dates and arenas saved as backup, in case the Fury rematch doesn’t happen at all.

It’s a complete guessing game to predict when the rematch happens or if it happens. We can say for sure, the October date is very very very unlikely. By the time the legal process is completed, Klitschko & Fury will be lucky if they fight again before the end of 2016.

I think we can all agree. Just hurry up and fight. No one cares about this drama. Get on with it. We are boxing fans. We want to see action. If you are reading this on Twitter, please give us a retweet.

Here is our prediction article on who wins the Fury vs Klitschko rematch. Worth reading & sharing also. Fury vs Wladimir Prediction 


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Margarito vs Canelo Alvarez Could Be Soon

Antonio Margarito vs Ramon Alvarez. Is Canelo next?

Antonio Margarito won via split decision over Ramon Alvarez last night in a fun & limited bout. Margarito is seriously faded & Alvarez was never quite elite, however both styles meshed well. It was close early with Margarito breaking ahead in the mid rounds, before Alvarez finished strong in the 10th. All in all it was quite fun to watch with both fighters being caught with serious leather and landing constant combinations in return.

This sets up the script for Canelo Alvarez vs Antonio Margarito which is being whispered to happen in late 2016 or early 2017. Despite being a monster miss match, this bout would generate some serious money in Mexico. It could be seen as a big $ tune up or stay busy fight. Canelo would avenge his brohters loss. While we won’t be looking forward to this one, it does make business sense if it happens.