Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Whyte vs Allen? Who Will Win?

Dillain Whyte vs David Allen Fight Prediction

Whyte vs Allen is this weekend in Yorkshire. So who is going to win? It’s hard to go past Whyte in this one. He is more experienced as a professional and he has fought IBF world champion Anthony Joshua which is a massive advantage. I was concerned about Whyte’s shape for this fight, however his recent instagram photo shows he’s in outstanding shape. Allen has the potential to frustrate Whyte and make this a spoiler type fight. However Whyte should be able to maintain the momentum throughout the bout, scoring a late stoppage win. It could go either way. It really is a must win for Whyte. A loss to Allen would destroy his chances at progressing to world level.

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  1. I think Dave Allen has had limited time to prepare as well, from what I've read. I'm looking forward to a good fight, but I can't see past Dillian Whyte winning this one.