Thursday, 7 July 2016

Carl Froch vs Joe Calzaghe : Who Wins?

Both are locks for the hall of fame. Both are completely different fighters. Calzaghe vs Froch never happened & this fantasy match up is still talked about amongst British fight fans everyday.

Key Points:

Calzaghe easily had the better speed and combination punching.

Froch has advantages in chin and power.

Calzaghe was more athletic and he was simply special in the way he could confuse opponents with his swarming offence. Calzaghe had a work rate which was inhumane, he was a freak at what he did.

So who wins this bout?

Let’s get one thing straight, we don’t have a bias towards either fighter. We think Calzaghe wins this bout. But it’s not going to be as one sided as everyone thinks. Froch has no quit in him at all. Froch will be well down on the cards and he will hunt for the KO from the 8th round. And who can confidently say he won’t land something absolutely massive which puts Joe in trouble? But if we play by the percentages Calzaghe would take this by wide UD. Calzaghe would have to get through some very scary moments with Froch completely dominating the final rounds.

The argument that Calzaghe would do a Lazy on Froch isn’t valid. Froch has enough power to gain Joe’s respect. Joe would have to produce a flawless game plan, which he so often did e.g against Kessler.


Calzaghe would win this fantasy bout. But Froch is in the fight with a real shot at winning, especially late, as he rolls the dice hunting for the KO. Despite Calzaghe winning this fantasy match up, Froch easily has the better CV & both are certainties for the HOF as soon as they become eligible.

Both are legends of UK boxing and demand respect. Make sure you Quote tweet this and give us your views & feedback. We appreciate our followers. 


  1. Calzaghe already in the Hall of Fame

  2. Very well put yet I'm surprised you think Carl has the better cv.

  3. 2 elite boxers in their day. Would have been an unbelievable fight. Joe V Lacey was absolutely flawless.