Friday, 15 July 2016

Deontay Wilder vs Arreola - Breaking Down The Bronze Bomber's CV

Deontay Wilder is ELITE!

A common discussion topic on Boxing Kingdom’s twitter is that Wilder hasn’t fought anyone of note. But that is incorrect on several grounds. While Wilder hasn’t fought the best of the best he has fought several world rated contenders. 

Stiverne : At the time Stiverne was a top 5 Heavyweight. Stiverne held a recognized title. Stiverne was a known puncher. And Stiverne beat Chris Arreola twice. Arreola was good at the time. That was a good win. 

Now Wilder’s other opponents have actually proven since than that they are decent. 

Eric Molina stopped Adamek in Poland earlier this year in a brutal KO win. Molina stopped working (another job) in the lead up to the Wilder bout and hasn’t had to work since. Devoting his full time dedication to boxing. He’s a good fighter. A top 20 HW who will likely get some big wins soon. 

Wilder then beat Duhaupas. France’s number one Heavyweight. It was an interesting and entertaining bout. Duhaupas then went on to KO the highly rated Helenius in Finland. He took Helenius’s undefeated record with it. 

With Wilder. He punches like a truck. But he has the best jab in the division. He can box also. When you throw into the mix how he’s a little chinny, it makes for must watch TV. In all fights he will probably find himself in some trouble when he gets caught. Wilder has notoriously poor balance. But the great Emmanuel Steward noted that Wilder was tough and could get through tough periods. So Wilder will always get through these circumstances and the neutralizer is, Wilder can KO any opponent at any time. 

Then you have to also note the Szpilka destruction. That KO punch can still be heard echoing throughout North America.

Wilder is must watch TV. He’s good. He’s elite. He’s vulnerable. He can lose to anyone. But he can also beat anyone. A bout with Wilder & Joshua or Wilder & Haye would be explosive and hopefully they happen soon. 

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  1. Wilder is and elite boxer,thats why he needs to fight jasua in the heavy weight division