Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Whyte vs Allen? Who Will Win?

Dillain Whyte vs David Allen Fight Prediction

Whyte vs Allen is this weekend in Yorkshire. So who is going to win? It’s hard to go past Whyte in this one. He is more experienced as a professional and he has fought IBF world champion Anthony Joshua which is a massive advantage. I was concerned about Whyte’s shape for this fight, however his recent instagram photo shows he’s in outstanding shape. Allen has the potential to frustrate Whyte and make this a spoiler type fight. However Whyte should be able to maintain the momentum throughout the bout, scoring a late stoppage win. It could go either way. It really is a must win for Whyte. A loss to Allen would destroy his chances at progressing to world level.

The Night Mike Tyson May Have Assaulted Frank Warren?

Did you know that while Mike Tyson was in the UK for his bout with Savarese in Scotland in 2000, one newspaper reported that he assaulted Frank Warren in a hotel room. Warren wasn’t seen for 3 days after according to the report. The newspaper also reported that Tyson paid a $4M US settlement to Frank Warren in relation to the matter which allegedly began over an unpaid jewellery bill. These are all allegations, none of this was proven. However you can read more about it online. Seems like a weird story to make up right? And it wouldn't exactly be out of character for Tyson at that time of his life?

Disclaimer: This information was based on various newspaper and online reports which still exist. 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Joseph Parker vs Dimitrenko & Other Heavyweight News

Joseph Parker vs Dimitrenko Fight Analysis & Prediction

Big news from NZ this morning. Joseph Parker vs Dimitrenko has been set for the 1st of October. The bout will take place in Manukau City.

Now the common question being asked is why is Joseph Parker not fighting Anthony Joshua next? Well it’s simple. They are fighting. But it won’t be until January or February.

The IBF will force a purse bid in November if a deal isn’t made between both teams (both have wealthy backers).  (Presuming Parker defeats Dimitrenko & Anthony Joshua defeats Stiverne/Pulev in November).

Joshua & Parker will face off, but both have interim bouts to contend with. It will be interesting to see how Parker deals with an opponent as big as Dimitrenko is. It will also be interesting to see how Anthony Joshua deals with Stiverne or Pulev, both will come to fight and will likely last rounds.

In other Heavyweight news, some gossip circulating is that Briggs vs Haye could be in trouble. Others are saying Haye may elect to face Lucas Browne next instead of Briggs. Haye vs Browne is an awesome fight.

Calling Tyson Fury? Calling Klitschko? Come on guys. It’s time both teams let the fans and the public know just what is going on. Still no date locked in. It’s not hard to release a one word paragraph. It seems most fans are over this fight already, since it’s taken way to long.

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Terence Crawford vs Viktor Postol Prediction

Terence Crawford vs Viktor Postol Prediction

The best fight in boxing below Middleweight is only hours away. Both fighters have identical records 28-0. Postol is coming off a huge win over Mattyshe, which shocked the boxing world. The talent of Crawford is well known and this is his break out PPV chance.

Expect Crawford to win this by UD. It will be a close decision. Crawford is the cleaner, crisper counter puncher. Postol has the much higher work rate, so this should be interesting. We just expect Crawford to do the cleaner work and land some nice counters over Postol. 

So we will go with Crawford by UD. An upset wouldn’t be a shock though. Postol is good!

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