Thursday, 23 June 2016

Shawn Porter vs Keith Thurman Prediction & Outcome

A highly anticipated clash between Porter & Thurman is only 2 days away. This fight has been rescheduled once due to a car crash in which Thurman suffered minor injuries. We have been getting requests as to who we are tipping, so here is our key points and prediction. 

Key Points:

-      Thurman is starting the betting favorite with bookies.

    Porter is known for his high work rate, he was simply swarming Broner with punches, on his way to a UD win.
   Thurman is seen to have the better one punch power out of the two, however the difference isn’t massive. A majority of 
   Thurman’s stoppages have been from accumulation. However over his past 5 fights Thurman’s work rate is dropping considerably. It’s something we noticed recently when viewing footage.
    Porter on the other hand is getting through even higher rates of work than before. So in terms of work rate, Porter is going to throw more than Thurman.
    Defensively, Thurman is much more sound & he slips punches well.
    In terms of footwork, It’s quite even with the slight advantage going to Porter.

Now what we have explained is both fighters have different strengths and their styles should mesh well. Thurman is suited to fighting opponents with low work rates, it allows him to set up and land his single power shots. Porter is the exact opposite to this, he will be throwing close to 100 punches per round.

It will be clear early, who will win this fight. Thurman needs to hurt Porter in the first 3 rounds, setting the tone for the rest of the fight. This will ensure Porter doesn’t rush in constantly on Thurman. If Porter is able to win some rounds early, he will wear Thurman down from the 4th round onwards to score a wide UD or late TKO victory. In our opinion Porter’s style is all wrong for Thurman. In saying that there is a chance Thurman wins this by an early stoppage, catching a lunging Porter as he closes the distance. 

Prediction: Porter will win this, in what many consider an upset. We won’t consider it that at all. Stylistically this is a great match up for Porter and provided he moves well early, he should produce a high enough work rate which constantly frustrates Thurman.

Keep in mind both have been hurt in recent fights with Thurman being hurt to the body by Collazo and with Porter being dropped in round 12 by Broner. Anything can happen in this bout. But the smart money is on Porter.

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